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.. Category:Windows softwareQ: Why is my GET request not being read This is my code, I am trying to access my GitHub API to get my private repository information. However, I am not receiving any information back in my JSON response. import urllib.request import json from pprint import pprint url = "" request = urllib.request.Request(url) request.add_header('Accept', 'application/json') response = urllib.request.urlopen(request) data = json.loads( pprint(data) A: This line: data = json.loads( is taking the response and converting it to a JSON string (the one at the end of the URL) and then turning that back into JSON. You probably want: data = json.loads( or data = or data =' ') We recently got a chance to sit down with Id Software's COO and Co-Founder Jason Paladino to talk about the future of the company's business model, as well as why they are not interested in bringing a sequel to Rage. When asked about the future of the company, Paladino said he would like to see Id take Rage and keep it going. He would like to see the business model of Rage to be something they can continue to play with as they build out other titles. He said Id will release more multiplayer games, and maybe turn Rage into a franchise. "It's not what we're trying to make a sequel out of," he said. "So we'll keep Rage going, and we'll have more multiplayer titles in the future. We'll see how that goes. We really enjoy making it, and we're trying to keep making that same thing. We'd like to keep that going. We'd like to take what the single-player does, and have that be the foundation, and build out more from there." Paladino is also not too interested in developing a Rage sequel. He said that it would be great to revisit the characters in a sequel, but that would have to be on the back-




Atnsoft Key Manager Keygen 14 caefren

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