I am honoured to have received the following awards.


Winner at the Dropr/ Table Photo competition


Morten is not only a masterful photographer with an incredible eye for dramatic shots. What sets him apart is that he lets his heart shine through his camera lens and illuminate onto his subjects. He cares about taking portraits of REAL people with interesting stories, stories which are evident in his portraits and truly draw the viewer in. He lends his photography skills and expertise to social justice causes, such as taking portraits of the homeless for a food donation campaign in Denmark, and taking children's portraits to promote a free education program to benefit orphaned children in India, just to name a few of his projects. So, not only is his work technical and beautiful story-telling, he is telling stories that reflect a larger society. He's helping to put a face to people who are often cast aside in our society, bringing visibility to their issues. We're honored to have Morten as a part of TABLE.




Daniel Eiba - Former Commercial Director at Flickr
Randy Haykin - Founding Marketing VP of Yahoo and
co-founder of Outlook Ventures

Rad Dikosavljevic - Digital Up Mag Founder, 20+ yrs design experience 
Jeremy Cohen - 3-time Grammy nominated violin virtuoso and composer 
Cristian Petschen - Award Winning Architect, CEO of TABLE + Dropr 
Sindre Klepp - Former Google X Product Designer

Table/Dropr is a creative community with 120.000 members based in London and San Francisco.


Winner of the International Portrait Photography Contest


Second place at Metro Photo Global Photo Challenge

Metro is the world's biggest newspaper with 17.6 million readers.